Mexico finished last of the group, as expected

Ecuador FußballIn 1861 and 1862, after a military conflict, the province of Buenos Aires rejoined, national elections were called, and Bartolomé Mitre became the first all-Argentinian president. In 1853, today's Argentine Republic was founded, initially without the breakaway province of Buenos Aires, and a federal constitution was passed in its first capital, Paraná. The northern provinces, especially the province of Tucumán and the north-east (Chaco, Formosa, Santiago del Estero) were hit hardest by poverty and malnutrition until the turn of the millennium. During his reign, the Triple Alliance War took place from 1864 to 1870, in which Argentina, together with Brazil and Uruguay, prevailed against the expansionist tendencies of Paraguay, which had developed into one of the strongest military powers in South America at that time. In 1776, the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata with the capital Buenos Aires was split off, which included Argentina as well as what is now Paraguay, Uruguay and parts of what is now Bolivia. The northwestern parts of present-day Argentina (particularly in the Gran Chaco) were occupied by the Spaniards from Peru in the 1540s. But the differences between the regions of Argentina are also large. Between 1816 and 1880, Argentina's development was marked by dictatorships (under the Bonarense governor Juan Manuel de Rosas) and civil wars.

Real Madrid - Manchester City The areas of today's Argentina (Patagonia) further south of Buenos Aires in the Southern Cone remained effectively outside Spanish control during the colonial period. The colonists and their descendants finally conquered the areas in several campaigns in the 19th century, with great losses on the part of the indigenous population. Europeans first reached the region with Amerigo Vespucci's journey in 1502. What is now Argentina was colonized by the Spanish from two directions in the 16th century. This situation was exacerbated by the relatively high population growth in this region. The Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos continually documents important indicators for assessing the social situation in Argentina. Administratively, today's Argentina was initially part of the Viceroyalty of Peru, which included all of South America with the exception of Venezuela and the Portuguese sphere of influence. A large part of the original route is now served by the Calder Valley Line with trains on the Leeds-Manchester Victoria route, the section between Normanton and Brighouse by the Hallam Line and the Wakefield Line.

Capitolini An arms race broke out between Chile and Argentina. On the one hand, as in all of Latin America, there is a large wealth gap between the upper and lower classes. The archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ, was elected pope by conclave on March 13, 2013, making him the first pope from Latin America. With around 205,000 to 300,000 members (0.6%), the Jewish community is the largest in Latin America. From 1966 to 1973 there was a longer right-wing conservative military dictatorship under Onganía and his successors, which was finally abandoned after popular protests in 1973. According to the Report on International Religious Freedom 2017, 71% of the population is Roman Catholic. The majority of the population were deprived of their political rights through an ingenious system of electoral fraud by the governing party, the Partido Autonomista Nacional, which ruled uninterruptedly from 1874 to 1916; The immigrants also had no voting rights. At the same time, Mapuche peoples from western Patagonia were able to maintain a high degree of independence well into the mid-19th century. from North America. In 1976 there was another military coup and a military dictatorship was installed under the leadership of Jorge Rafael Videla, led by a three-member junta who ruled with open state terror.

Giuseppe Meazza In 2015, the Pumas finished fourth at the World Championships. On March 15, 2015, the discovery of a building from the 1940s in a forest area of ​​the Teyu Cuare Natural Park, about 1000 kilometers north of the state capital Buenos Aires, became known. Oceania held its qualifying tournament in March 2008, which New Zealand won. With her seven goals, she was the third-top scorer in the qualifying rounds. In the short transition season 2017 of the FA Women's Super League called the "Spring Series", new castle jersey she played all eight games and was the second top scorer with five goals. The World Cup games were played in ten stadiums in nine different South African cities. The World Cup was held under the motto The World hosted by friends. The team qualified for the World Cup in Russia through the CONCACAF qualifying games. Mexico was the only team to start with a win and was also able to win the second game. The 1930s in particular are now infamous as Década, as infamous decade in which democracy only existed on paper and electoral fraud was commonplace.

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