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Since the founding of the J. League Division 2 in 1999, there has been a promotion and relegation system, similar to the European football leagues, in which the last two of the J1 and the first two of the J2 are definitely promoted. J. League Division 1 completely abolishes the split season. The two-part game time is reintroduced. The season was also overshadowed by a feud between Boskamp and football director John Rudge, which ultimately led to Boskamp's resignation. Only in the 1996 season was a full season played for the first time, which replaced the split season from 2005. In order to return to the original size of 18 teams at the end of the season, four teams will be relegated to the J2 League. However, Italy and Turkey proved to be the best teams in this group in terms of play and were able to beat Belgium (2-0) in each case. proclaimed King of Italy. From winter 1958 to autumn 1959, test firings with the Optimum version of the Little John took place at the White Sands Missile Range test site. The final round of the 1966 Football World Cup was the eighth edition of this most important tournament for national football teams and took place from July 11th to 30th, 1966 in England, the "motherland of football".

1966 England preliminary round France, England, Uruguay 12. Ignacio Trelles Eliminated third in the group after two draws against France and Uruguay and a defeat against the hosts and eventual world champions. Reintroduction of relegation between J1 and J2; The sixteenth place in the table plays in a single game against the winner of the J2 promotion playoffs to stay in the league. With the 2018 season, relegation was reintroduced as a single game between the J1 sixteenth place and the winner of the J2 promotion playoffs. No winner was denied promotion over time. Since 2008, the best three teams in the league and the winner of the Emperor's Cup have taken part in the AFC Champions League. The Urawa Red Diamonds win the AFC Champions League for the second time. There was a brace each from Moderato Wisintainer and Preguinho, who secured second place in the table. In the final on July 11, 2021 at Wembley Stadium against the English selection, the score was 1-1 after 120 minutes before the Italians were crowned European champions for the second time since 1968 after a 3-2 penalty shootout. Cavani celebrated his goal after converting a penalty in the 3-1 win against RC Lens on October 17, 2014 with the so-called Pistolero celebration, in which the player imitates a rifle shot with his arms.

Mount has also been active for the English national team since 2014. Since then, the German football championship has been played in the league system. In 2007, at the age of 14, she received a professional contract with them and played 64 league games in six seasons, scored 30 goals and won the championship three times. From 1941 to 1958 he won 83 times with his team in 125 games. He led Argentina to six Copa America victories in 1941, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1955 and 1957. The original plan called for six teams to play in a play-down tournament for four Division 1 spots at the end of the 1998 season. With the introduction of the J. League Division 2, the number of teams in the J1 was reduced from 18 to 16. The top two teams qualify for the group stage of the AFC Champions League, with the third-placed team starting in the Champions League play-off round. Four clubs are allowed to participate in the AFC Champions League. Gamba Osaka wins the AFC Champions League, becoming the second Japanese team in a row.

Note: If a Japanese club wins the AFC Champions League, they will lose this right. After JEF United and Vissel held their own relatively clearly in the first and second legs, it was ultimately Consadole that became the first club in league history to be relegated after two final defeats against Avispa. The club with the best result at the end of the season wins the Japanese championship title. Again abolition of the two-part championship and the championship tournament at the end of the season. Until the 2004 season, Division 1 played an independent round, the winners of which decided the championship in a final. Kawasaki and Avispa Fukuoka first played a single qualifying game for the tournament, the loser of that game was classified in Division 2. With the dissolution of the Yokohama Wings, one team fell out of Division 1 anyway, so the number of participating teams was reduced to five. In contrast to last year, where there were 18 teams, 11 top European teams from five nations and the Mexican first division team Deportivo Guadalajara took part.

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