He received the jersey number 10

In autumn 2018, the Portuguese took part in the first edition of the UEFA Nations League in the top division (Liga A) and qualified in two games each against Poland and Italy for the final round ("Final Four") in June 2019. There they won Seleção won their second international title on home soil after beating Switzerland 3-1 in the semi-finals and beating the Netherlands 1-0 in the final.There are about 1.8 million students in Italy (about 2.9 in Germany). million.) On February 26, 1943, the first transport of Roma – women, men, children – from Germany arrived in camp section B II e of Auschwitz, which had not yet been completed as the "Gypsy Family Camp Auschwitz". This finally led to the fact that after Spain was eliminated by Turkey, they took the place of the seeded Spaniards, although the Turks were rated significantly weaker than other unseeded nations such as Belgium, Scotland or Germany. His last appearance in the FC jersey came on November 18, 1995, when he came on as a substitute in the game at Eintracht Frankfurt. Between November 5th and 9th, 1941, 5,007 Roma arrived in cattle cars from the Reichsgauen Niederdonau and Styria, almost all of them belonged to the Burgenland Roma group, and more than half of them were children.

Many of them were later used in armaments companies. Money, valuables and personal papers were taken from them. Similarly, the German Reich was to become “Gypsy-free”. There were also heavy fighting in the working-class district of Ponticelli, inter milan kit where German soldiers indiscriminately killed civilians. The Roma property left behind in November 1941 was confiscated by the authorities and sold to the regional majority population after it spontaneous looting by members of the "Volksgemeinschaft" had previously taken place. Replica replaced. The trophy and replica remained the property of FIFA. In addition, six other continental competitions were won: four times the Cup Winners' Cup and once each the Korać Cup and ULEB Cup. After the German invasion of Poland, on September 21, 1939, an RSHA executive conference on future racial policy was held in Berlin. Shortly after the attack on Poland, in September 1939, the first plans for the deportation of "Gypsies" to the General Government can be documented. Himmler announced in September 1941 that the "Old Reich" and the "Protectorate" "from the West to the East would be run by Jews emptied and liberated". On December 16, 1942, Himmler ordered in the "Auschwitz Decree" that "Gypsy half-breeds, Roman Gypsies and non-German blood members of Gypsy clans of Balkan origin be selected according to specific guidelines and sent to a concentration camp in an action lasting a few weeks".

In the first half of October 1939, Himmler ordered "the gypsy question to be settled on a national scale within a short period of time throughout the Reich." Jenische, expressly not affected by the decree of determination. The group of people living "in the Gypsy way", which the decree of December 8, 1938 had named, was dropped without replacement. On December 8, 1938, a circular decree by Heinrich Himmler "regarding Governor General Hans Frank noted at the beginning of December 1939 that "Jews and Gypsies " are to be deported from the Reich. A telegram from Arthur Nebes dated October 16, 1939 is known. According to this, "3-4 wagon gypsies" were to be appended to a deportation train of "Viennese Jews". The deportees from West Germany were driven out of the wagons in Platarovo on the border with the Soviet Union, some were left to their own devices, some were distributed to the surrounding villages to be used as harvest workers.

The May deportation of 1940 (see e.g. Preetzer Straße gypsy camp) is considered a precursor and training ground for the later deportations of Jews. On January 29th, the Reich Security Main Office issued the implementing regulations: “Inclusion in the concentration camp (Gypsy camp) Auschwitz takes place without regard to the degree of mixed race. In its minutes, the meeting already states the goal of deporting "the remaining 30,000 Gypsies to Poland." The RHF's expert opinions were limited to Gypsies in the Old Reich. The RKPA assigned this task to the RHF. This page was last published on January 1st. Edited May 2023 at 6:56 p.m. These streaming media offerings, which were available for the first time for World Cup games, recorded up to 180,000 simultaneous hits. Some managed to survive in the cities for long periods of time, some managed to return to their homeland and go into hiding there until the end of National Socialism. Knowledge of the planned deportations was widespread; at the end of November 1939, for example, the Magdeburg police chief tried to prevent the structural improvements to the local forced gypsy camp by pointing out that the deportation was imminent. Further transports had also left there at the end of February. “Gypsyism” in this racial-political sense included both “genuine” or “pure-bred Gypsies” or “full Gypsies” as well as “Gypsy hybrids”.

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