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Ecuador FußballBrazil and Mexico are leaders in production. With 605 episodes, Mundo de juguete – produced in Mexico from 1974 to 1977 – holds the record as the longest Latin American telenovela. According to the critics, the glamorous world of the telenovela is intended to comfort viewers in the slums and favelas about social grievances, oppression, opposition, injustice and demonstrations. It is intended to commemorate the Porajmos, the National Socialist genocide of the European Roma who were persecuted as "Gypsies" with up to 500,000 victims of men, women and children. While the referees' decisions during the first games were judged to be satisfactory, the number of deaths increased over the course of the game Tournament, the controversial decisions were massive. Naturally, the FCUM's following is mainly recruited from former Manchester United supporters who turned away after Malcolm Glazer took over in 2005. With more than 3,500 episodes, Sturm der Liebe (since 2005) holds the record as the longest German telenovela. Mexican director Alicia Carvajal was happy with the script of the Croatian telenovela Villa Maria, but she had other criticisms: "In Villa Maria there is constant smoking and drinking, something that would be unthinkable in Mexican series, because they are aware of the educational influence of the telenovela consciously and uses it to guide young people on the right path!

AC Mailand However, since Antonio Paez was aware of the financial woes of Bosnian television, he donated all 150 chapters of Kassandra to the broadcaster. The US State Department came to the rescue and asked Antonio Paez of Coral Pictures for advice. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all leagues within UEFA had to stop playing in March 2020, including the four "big" leagues Bundesliga, Premier League, Primera División and Serie A. On March 12, 2020, the tournament, which was originally scheduled to take place from June 12th to July 12th, 2020, was postponed by one year (June 11th to July 11th, 2021). In the next season, due to an injury, he made only ten games in which he scored four goals. The Champions League victory in the 2009/10 season under coach Jose Mourinho was the last by an Italian team to date. In addition, the team was never able to compete with its best players due to a large number of injuries. All other 28 matches were lost and the team failed to win a single point away from home. Games for the Danish team under the motto “Danish Dynamite” were successful: Yugoslavia was defeated 5-0 by goals from Arnesen (two goals), Preben Elkjær Larsen, Berggreen and Lauridsen. In addition, there were 68 players with one goal. However, the resignation was never personally communicated to Löw and the player subsequently avoided contact with his former coach.

The German winning goalscorer Mario Götze was voted the best player of the final. Despite the mostly positive effect of telenovelas, fanatical side effects occasionally affect the genre. He is of the opinion that foreign telenovelas cannot take hold in German-speaking countries and says: "If a telenovela is to bring in the right ratings, it has to be made in Germany." In Serbia, the popularity of the telenovela Kassandra was so great that the sociology book The popularity of the first Croatian telenovela Villa Maria was so great in neighboring Serbia that the pop singer Tijana Dapčević used it in her Jugonostalgic song Sve je isto samo njega nema (Everything is the same, only him is no longer there (in relation to Tito)) mentioned. German productions are accused of using narrative techniques from a soap opera and publishing them under the name telenovela. The harshest criticism of German telenovelas is the supposedly poor adaptation of the format.

Giuseppe Meazza In contrast, large parts of the rest of the country are very sparsely populated, especially in the dry south, where only about one to three inhabitants/km² live. Many psychologists assume that telenovelas primarily serve as an escape from reality for their TV audience. Opponents often complain about the highly idealized and unrealistic illusionary world created by telenovelas. Mexican telenovelas in particular are occasionally characterized by stereotypical characters and simple storylines. In the song La Gitana, the duo Flamingosi together with the singer Emina Jahović parodies typical situations from various telenovelas. TV Azteca, in particular, addresses things in its telenovelas that otherwise would never have had the chance to be addressed openly on Mexican television. The reliable penalty taker Mendieta from FC Valencia had already been substituted when the chance to equalize with a penalty came in the 90th minute. Corrupt politicians often served as negative images. What is clear, however, is that Europe relies on broad-based “programs,” sometimes as if we were still living in the era of socialist five-year plans, while in America, state planning is non-existent in terms of domestic policy. A common motif is the poor but good-looking Girl who falls in love with a rich man while his family wants to destroy the relationship.